Conspicuous Consumption

I am a dream consumer, especially with regard to Apple tech.

On Friday, I not only bought a new iPad Pro (to replace my iPad that no longer has enough room for my programs) but I also purchased an Apple Watch series 2.  Because things.

I love both items, although some things are giving me fits.

For instance, in order to wear the watch, I had to ditch my Garmin VivoActive HR (which is just under 1 year old.)  I have since discovered that my iPhone is no longer tracking Flights Climbed.  That was apparently completely the responsibility of the Garmin.

I live in a 2 story house.  Flights climbed is an actual thing for me.  Therefore, I am seriously bummed that I can’t get my stupid iPhone 6 to track it.

Small inconvenience, it is true; however it is REALLY. IRRITATING.  ME.

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