It is my Destiny…

5 things going on in my life this week:

1 – Ohana gathering with friends this Saturday night!  We try to get together monthly, and lately it hasn’t been very regular.

2- Aether Revolt pre-release report:  I went 2-2 and then dropped.  It turned out that if I hadn’t dropped I would have placed because Wizards of the Coast had computer problems and they ended the event at 4 rounds.  Poop.

3- Lovely dinner with friends last Sunday – this was the reason I had to drop out at the pre-release event.  It was totally worth leaving the event early.

4- Major game purchases – tried to complete my collection of the expansions for Firefly the Game (still missing The Artful Dodger and Pirates and Bounty Hunters) and pre-ordered two booster boxes of Spirit of Rebellion (the next Star Wars:  Destiny set.)

5 – Star Wars:  Destiny tourney this Saturday afternoon!  Turbo and I are trying to finalize our decklists.  We’re hoping our first tournament experience with this game goes well!

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