Get your motor running

I have a motorcycle.  It’s not anything huge or spectacular; it is, in fact, a 1992 600cc Honda Shadow.  It’s a great starter bike.  I would love to move past the starter bike stage, but that involves money that I have earmarked for other things (food, mortgage, you know – frivolous stuff like that.)  Therefore, I have been riding this bike since 2008.

Each spring I go through the agonizing ordeal of trying to get the thing started.  It would be much less of an ordeal if I’d just hook the battery up to a charger and then plug the charger into the wall.  I never seem to get around to that, though.  Thus I have to go through the effort of charging the thing up in the spring.

Or, in this case, on June 4.  We emptied the garage so I could take the battery panels off.  I plugged the thing in.

To my great relief, the battery took the charge (too many winters without keeping a charger on it shortens the life considerably.)  I’m glad; I would have hated to toss a 3 year old battery.

Now I can take the bike to work, which in light of the recent jump in gas prices is a very good thing.

And, let’s face it:  riding the thing is just plain fun.  Time to start the epic game of Rock Paper Scissors again!

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