Changing Routines

The weather is getting warmer.  For most people this is a positive.  For me it isn’t so much for one simple reason:  it makes running sheer hell.

I started a new training plan this week that incorporates speed training once a week.  The first speed training session is scheduled for today, which is very exciting for me.

My excitement is tempered by the fact that it is in the mid 80s right now.

Knowing that the temp was supposed to be warmer, I planned to get up early and run before work.  Now, I’ve had this lofty goal many times in the past; I typically just shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Not today though.  Today this chick got the hell out of bed, hauled her butt to the Y, and ran outside.

It felt good.  I felt like I’d accomplished a lot before 0700.  However I discovered an unforeseen side effect at about 1300 – all consuming drowsiness.   Yay?

In other random epiphany news, I learned that there is an Star Wars X-Wing summer tournament happening on Saturday.  Guess who’s going to her first organized play tournament?  I just need to identify my squadron (yes, I know the players call them ‘squads’, but I was in the Air Force.  If it flies, it’s an f’ing squadron.)

Garmin & MapMyRun update:  still doesn’t sync.  However, I figured out how to download the .tcx information from Connect and upload it to MMR.  It’s a work around that will do until they fix the problem.

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