Why can’t we all just get along?

I have utilized Map My Run for YEARS.  I was so happy when functionality was added to allow me to sync my Garmin with MMR.  I’d track, I’d sync my device with Garmin Connect, and then magically it would sync with Map My Run.

Or it did, until this weekend.

I ran yesterday. I was super proud because I’m trying to get back into running; yesterday’s run was a good 3 miler with continuous running.  I synced my Vivoactive HR to Connect on my iPhone and it was perfect.

I then opened the Map My Run app, because my activities usually come over as private and I’ve gotten into the habit of immediately changing the setting so that my friends can see them.

My run was not there.

It still isn’t there.  Nor is the walk I did this morning.  And on the Map My Run site, I see the following with regard to syncing with Connect:  GarminHell

Last sync:  4 DAYS AGO???  What the hell is that nonsense?

I have disconnected and reconnected the sites.  Nothing.

I just want the two sites to start playing nicely with each other again.

I have made a cursory search to try to figure out how to force the sync.  The results have not been promising.  I’ll dig a bit more… hopefully I’ll be able to report back something positive.

UPDATE:  MapMyFitness has this as a recently added known issue!  I’m not the only one.  Here’s to hoping they get it sorted out sometime very soon.


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